Oh! BITES with carob, cinnamon, sesame seeds and raisins with stevia

Tasty bites are vegan
Tasty bites are vegan

Oh! BITES with sesame and raisin prepared with wholemeal flour.

Oh! BITES are vegan, tasty and healthy sweet snacks with sesame seeds and raisins. Sweeted with stevia and without hydrogenated fats. The bites are with Vitamin C and Maltz for preservatives so they are very healthy! We guarantee the quality of the products used for the preparation of our bites.

One pack is 85 grams.

Our sweets are PRESERVATIVE free, GMO and SOY free.

EN:Ingredients: wholegrain wheat flour Graham (40%), canola oil (non-hydrogenated), water, steviol glycosides(0,010%), molasses(2%), sesame not peeled (12%), carob flour(1%), flax flour, raisins (9.5%), barley malt, antioxidant, vitamin C, sunflower lecithin, flavors: vanilla, cinnamon(0.20%), swelling agent: baking powder, emulsifier: xanthan gum. Store at room temperature up to 20C, away from direct sunlight


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