LimezZzki original einkorn sticks


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LimezZzki - original einkorn sticksWe present our new Vegan sticks entirely made from einkorn spelled ground on a stone grinder, spices, sea salt and without hydrogenated fats – LimezZzki
They are truly healthy, delicious, suitable for children, and have a shelf life of 6 months. LimezZzki does not contain soy or GMO.

Einkorn is a cereal which is not treated with chemicals and even planted in contaminated soil, it takes no unnecessary substances from it. This is the softest of all wheats, a live food. There are 12 times more zinc than in sprouted wheat hybrid, 9 times more manganese, 7 times more magnesium, calcium and other nutrients.
For the majority of people suffering from intolerance to wheat protein gluten, spelled proved suitable and adequate substitute for ordinary bread and other wheat products. In medicine, this is referred to as intolerance celiac disease.